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"INNOCENTS deals with abandonment and confusion about the adult world. A surprise ending with spiritual overtones in a magnificent location gives this story a uniqueness." - Ray Kouguell, Voice of America


“Un film toccante che tratta con sensibilità un argomento non facile.” “A touching film that deals sensitively with a difficult subject.” - Emanuele Bianchi, SeeSound


“La sua descrizione di due fanciulli esiliati dalla routine di una vita… diviene un efficace testimonianza visiva che commuove e fa riflettere. Innocents rimane un film da guardare con attenzione e da apprezzare per il coraggio.” “Her depiction of two children exiled from the routine of a conformist life… becomes an effective visual testimony that moves and makes one think. Innocents is a film to watch carefully and praise for its courage."  - Lorenzo Vicenti, Close-up Italy


“A modest but notable feature debut by Singapore-based writer-director WONG Chen Hsi 王晨曦, Innocents is a controlled exercise in atmosphere and feelings.” - Derek Elley, Film Business Asia


“Destreggiandosi tra la grana documentaria e il consapevole simbolismo orientale ottiene una forma precisa, bilanciata che, al netto di evitabili diluizioni, riesce nel comunicare lo smarrimento di una generazione.” “Juggling a documentarian grit and a conscious eastern symbolism, the film obtains a precise form, balanced and clear, to succeed in communicating the bewilderment of a generation. ★★★★★★★ 7/10- Lorenzo Bottini, Il Cinema Bendato


"Superb control of storytelling and performance throughout the film. The director uses ingenious devices to create a unique pace and rhythm in which embodies powerful messages." - Asian New Talent Jury, Shanghai International Film Festival


"American cinematographer Joseph White augments the dream-like mood of the storm drain refuge with handheld photography that suggests depth, space and freedom, without being showy... The trickle of water, the hum of jungle insects, bird calls and the roar of the train are beautifully done." - John Lui, The Straits Times